Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Bhranti: Hey, Yoely! During this weight loss program, every ten days the patient comes in for clinical monitoring. What do you do in this time?

Yoely : Bhranti, during the weight loss program, the patient is required to come every ten days. During that process the patient is weighted, we take their blood pressure and ask the patient a series of questions. We ask how they are doing with the diet, if they have had any problems with the medication, their dietary intake and exercise. They should be exercising, if not we recommend a program. Most importantly we ask about their attitude towards the program. That will determine how the patient is doing or how he/she shall succeed.
Bhranti: You said exercises. For instance, do you have anything in mind for them to do?

Yoely : We do offer resistance bands available in the office. The price is ten dollars. Depending on how strong or how flexible the patient is, we may recommend a medium to maybe a large size resistance band. This one is a red, heavy resistance band. The patient doesn’t have to be going to the gym to do exercise; they can do this at home. This is one of the exercises and it’s pretty easy. You just put it over your head and kind of do this and feel it in your back and your arms. We also give them a package of exercises on how to use the resistance bands if the patient is interested.

Bhranti: I have no insurance. Do you have a plan for a person with no insurance?

Yoely : We offer package plans that range from 250 to 550, depending on what a patient would like to do. That includes the doctor’s visits, three clinical visits and the medication. It also includes any EKG which is basically checking your heart and a body composition. What the body composition is, it tells you your fat percentage, metabolic rate, water and muscle mass.

Bhranti: What is the Secret Box?

Yoely : The secret box basically contains quotes that keep you positive or motivated through the program. It also contains recipes that you can use during the program if you don’t cook for instance. So you can just use that little guide and cook something from there.

Brahnti: I don’t have money right away. Do you have any payment plans available at your clinic?

Yoely : We do offer payment plans for non-insured patients. You do not have to pay anything up front. As long as you pay the fee within six months, it is zero interest.