How does the use of ‘Visualization Technique’ help in the weight loss?

Visualization techniques are very powerful techniques to achieve any goals that you have and that is the power of imagination of the mind. We talk about the mind and how we can use it differently and this uses the power of imagination. For example, right now I’ll tell you to please avoid thinking for the next few seconds of the white colored lion sitting in the backseat of your car, in the parking lot. Now the lion is looking for you so he comes out of the car, crosses the parking lot, walks into the clinic, into the waiting room and now he’s in the corridor, about to knock down this door over. Don’t think about it.
So now tell me what happened. I told you to not think about the white lion but you saw the white lion in spite of me telling you to not see it. So do you realize what happened? Whenever we tell someone what not to do, their mind still needs to think of what not to do. Now if somebody is sitting here in this room with us whom does not understand English and only understands French, do you think he would have seen the white lion if I told him the same thing in English? No, because he did not create the lion in his mind, because he did not interpret the words in a language he understood thus his mind did not create the image but because you were the one creating it, you experienced the white lion as if it were real.

The point here is that we experience everything in life with what we create in our mind. It doesn’t necessarily have to happen and that’s where the problem starts, that whatever you’re thinking, each thought creates an image and now you can add feeling onto it as well and that image becomes true for you. Now the body sees this image the mind has created as happening in that moment because the body cannot perceive time. For example, if you think of something that will happen after four days, that you worries you, your mind sees those images and your body will perceive them as happening in that moment.
Now, when you keep saying “I don’t want to be fat, I can’t lose weight” and put your frustrated feelings behind not only the thought and the image you have created, you experience that negative image in a similar way to how you experienced the white lion. This creates a wall in your mind that allows this thought to come in your life and that does not allow you to see things differently. However, we can use this same process to our advantage. We can see things differently with our mind and then the body will perceive things differently.

In science, quantum physics and the Laws of Attraction show us that everything in the universe from our thoughts to our feelings, every atom and every molecule has a frequency. Whatever frequency you tune into will affect your life in that moment so you have to make sure that you are in a positive frequency and visualizing yourself healthier.

An exercise I suggest you do is to buy clothing that would fit a thinner version of yourself. For example, if your weight was two-hundred and fifty pounds, you may try to purchase clothing that would fit you if you were fifty pounds thinner. You may say to yourself that you do not want to go out of your way to buy clothing because it is an expense you are not willing to pay. That is your subconscious blocking your progress already and this exercise serves as a small test to gauge your commitment to your weight loss. The article of clothing that you purchase will serve as a tool on your path to weight loss. Next, visualize yourself as your thinner version in a beautiful place surrounded by the person or persons you would like to be with, in the clothing you purchased for the exercise. Think of how you would enjoy being with them as your thinner self, the compliments they would say about your new self. When you think of thoughts such as this in the evening when your subconscious overtakes your conscious mind, ideas and images enter your subconscious faster while bridging these concepts in your mind with your body, helping you to become thinner faster. The reason again is that what the mind visualizes, the body experiences as if it is already happening. This visualization exercise is a very powerful technique that can be utilized in many ways such as images and audio.

I try to tell my patients that whatever they have received in life so far, that they have either consciously or subconsciously thought of it. You are sitting here because you have planned to come here and sit here. You can use this technique for anything you want in your life such as relationships, careers, studies, sports, etc. It will help you to enrich your life in any aspect that you want it to but you need to believe that it will happen. This belief that is almost like a belief in faith is the fundamental aspect of this technique.