How does creating peace in life, help to lose weight?

You suggest that you create peace in their lives. How does that help to lose weight?

It is very important to create positive emotions to have positive experiences in the present moment. We try to explain to patients that they are living in this moment in the universe; there is no past or future. You have already learned how to live in the present moment so now your mind is here rather than in the past or the future but this life suggestion may make you restless because now you can only live in this universe. This restlessness is caused by not wanting to live in the present or enjoying this moment and your mind will try to escape this by thinking of the future. This can cause anxiety, stress, and fear which is not healthy for you physical body because it is experiencing these negative emotions as if they were happening right now. Emotions affect the state of the body and the initial negative emotions may lead to increasingly negative feelings as per quantum physics because you are tuning into a negative frequency.

The first step to achieve peace is to simply accept the present life situation in this moment in the universe. This is the best solution and as soon as you do that you will begin to feel peace. You have to learn to tell yourself, “It is what it is.” This means that you are accepting the situation but don’t just say it for the sake of saying it, create the feeling that you are okay and fine with the situation to stop fighting with the negative energy. For example, suppose that in the morning you are driving and get a flat tire while you are already late for work. What do you do? You start to think more negatively and create negative emotions but if you accept the situation you can begin to find a solution and avoid negative emotions while working towards positive ones. When we say that the power of surrender is powerful, the surrender here does not mean that we are giving up but that we are surrendering ourselves to the situation and accepting it. The power of surrendering and acceptance bring peace, quietness, and relaxation in the present moment to begin solving our problems.

We like to propose to patients a scenario involving two children and one piece of candy you have to give to either one. One child is joyous and would be very happy to receive the candy but he will not be unhappy if he does not receive it. The other child is restless, frustrated will become unhappy if he does not receive the candy. Naturally, you would like to give the candy to the joyous child because he is already happy and his happiness will touch your heart while bringing positive energy to your mind and aura. God sees things in a similar manner. When you are frustrated and display negative emotions while casting blame on others, God will ignore you until you become like the joyous child and when you become like the joyous child he will bring you more happiness. Always remember that you want to be like the joyous child, not just to get things but to bring happiness into other people’s lives as well.