How does learning to forgive help in losing weight?

How does forgiving yourself and forgiving others help in the weight loss program?

During the weight loss program, when we discuss the mantra of forgiveness, it suggests that you learn to let go. Grudges and prejudices in your conscious and subconscious mind create a heavy weight that does not allow your spirit and mind to fly. Every day we negatively judge others and ourselves and as we’ve discussed, negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions can hold us back so it is very important to forgive not only others but ourselves as well.

It is important to realize that we live two lives in two universes; one universe is on the outside and the other is the universe inside our mind. We spend five percent of our time in the outside universe and the other ninety-five percent of the time in our mind’s universe. Our mind’s universe contains our personal past, faiths, beliefs, experiences, grudges, prejudices, etc. When you think and act in the other outside universe you live in, what you do will reflect your mind’s universe. From your mind’s perspective, your thoughts and actions are right. This is also true for others and from their point of view what they do is also right based on their own personal experiences. Once you realize this, from a higher perspective you understand that from their perspective what they do is right even if it is not for you and this makes forgiving others much easier. When you forgive, understand that you will get the most benefit because grudges and prejudices are more harmful than what those whom we hold those grudges or prejudices can.

We live in a very diverse society in which we can hold prejudices and grudges against others for their different communities, cultures, religions, nationalities, ethnicities, economical differences, etc. When we ask patients directly if they have a problem forgiving other people or themselves and when they answer yes, they have a more difficult time losing weight. Once you realize that weight management is not only counting calories, medicine, and exercise but as well as your psychological state of mind and well being, you will become happier and weight loss will just happen on its own. Live freely of grudges, prejudices, understand others and you will see how it may change your life.