How does living in the present moment help with the weight loss?

During the weight loss program, first consultation and in the subsequent visits, we really enforce sincerely suggest living in the present moment. We discussed earlier how the mind functions and how it focuses on the past or future and how our present suffers because of that. Understand that the present moment is the only moment that you have right now, that you have to experience happiness, unhappiness or anything else and that is why you have to value this moment because the universe only exists at this time. Whatever the current time is, the few hours ago in the past do not exist anymore and neither do the next few. The universe only exists in this moment; you are here in this moment, and if your mind goes to the past or future, they do not exist. Sometimes when I go back to India and when I go to the city where I grew up, I feel and realize that there is nothing like in the past because the whole city has changed. In my memory everything is clear but only in memory and that is the only place where I see there was a past but the past never existed, it was a present moment. It is the same thing with what we call future moments, they will only come to you as present moments and as soon as they come, they become the past.

To help you better understand; let me ask you this question, which I ask everyone. Do you have any kind of problem right now? You may answer that you don’t but what happens as soon as finish reading this? Your mind will start to think when you are alone and when this happens your mind will take you to the past or future. Understand that a thinking mind means it is not here in the present. We have already discussed that as soon as you start thinking of something or try to avoid thinking of something, that you make an image of it in your mind. You start thinking about past problems or future worries and as soon as that happens your body reacts as if those things are happening right now. Your body reacts to this by releasing stress hormones which suppress your immunity, affect your sleep and in a matter of seconds you begin to suffer. This suffering is naturally created by your mind. You allow this to happen because you can control your mind to stop thinking and worrying about the past or future.

The mind has two functions. One is the thinking mode and the other is the action mode. The action mode is when the mind is occupied by whatever actions you are doing. Knowing this will help you understand how we can live in the present moment and stop suffering. So where does that suffering come from? From the thinking mind. To live in the present moment we must understand that our body is always in the present moment, it cannot fly into the past or the future. If we can anchor and embrace our mind with our body, we can begin to live in the present moment. The techniques and exercises we give to patients involve visualizing the mind touching the body from head to toe every half hour or so, so that they may slowdown and come back to the present moment. Another method is to count your breathes so your mind can stop thinking and focus on what the body is doing. Understanding your body in the present moment with your five senses also brings your mind into the present so focus and pay attention to the things you touch, taste, hear, and see. While reading this your mind has probably thought about what you are reading, attempting to understand It and attempting to relate to this. This critical thinking serves a practical purpose.

If we want to understand how to fix our problems with distracting thoughts of the future, you must realize that at this point, in this life that you have certain goals and methods to achieve your goals. You live in the present moment, understand the goal but do not think of the goal, think of the journey and your steps to your goal. As soon as your mind focuses on your goal you will be on the right path to reach it.