Cameron Wold's Story


I started my weight loss with Dr. Kurani in 2009…

Before seeing Dr. Kurani I worked out, ate right and nothing seemed to work. I spoke with Dr. Kurani and he advised that I try the appitite suppressant, I started out at 189 pounds and today I range from 139-145 pounds. I feel GREAT!! When I was heavy I was sad, depressed and had lack of motivation. After seeing Dr. Kurani and doing HCG, something clicked. Dr. Kurani teaches you how to use the power of your mind and helps you through the weight loss. I religiously weigh myself daily. I advise this to everyone so you can monitor your progress. It’s really important to constantly think about your weight loss and progress. Just because you lose the weight, doesn’t mean you will stay that way. This is a life changing diet. You need to be realistic abut the weight you want and need to be, at 18, 27 and 43 years of age, your weight is going to be different, its all about how you feel!