Charles & Joan Coughran's Story 



I, Joan, was sent with a referral from my heart doctor, Dr. B. Reddy. I have valve dysfunction and my heart doctor wanted me to lose 30 pounds fast. My husband, Charles came along for support. We both started the weight loss program after meeting Dr. Kurani. We left the office that day still skeptical but I really had no other choice but to try and see what happened.

IT WORKED!! I lost the 30 pounds that my heart doctor wanted. I was very happy because I didn’t think it was going to be possible. My husband lost about 40 pounds. He has chronic back pain and COPD. He now feels wonderful. The program is very easy and the staff is wonderful. We both have recommended this program to others that we know. You have to be willing to change your lifestyle for a healthier lifestyle. This diet program is a serious commitment. We both feel and look better. We love the comments that we get now too.