Donald Lind's Story



My Weight was out of control!

My granddaughter asked me one day “grandpa are you going to have a baby?” That is when I told my wife – I have to change my lifestyle not only for me but for you and our grandkids. My mom and sister were diabetic and I didn’t want that for me. I needed to change my life in a good way. I was 270 pounds and wore size 42 pants. Thanks to Dr. Kurani and his weight loss clinic, I was put back on the right road to lose weight. They were like my compass, leading me home. As my journey began Dr. Kurani and one of his nurses, Brandee, gave me all the information that I needed. All I had to do was follow it. They were very helpful. During my weight in checks my questions were answered and they were always very supportive of my weight lose. Brandee was always available when I got weak and called or had questions about the diet, or when I kept seeing myself as being fat through the process she would tell me to look at pictures of myself as “Don” then and then pictures of the new “Don”. It took awhile, but now at 188 pounds, I feel so much better, and lighter. I now am in a size 32 pants; eat healthy, and I quit drinking alcohol. I was on high blood pressure medication, now I am off it !!! I just want to encourage everyone to follow through till the end. Thank you Dr. Kurani and staff for your support and for helping me save my life.