Gabriel Ramos's Story



I came to Dr. Kurani’s office in the past and went on the HCG diet. I didn’t fully commit to it and went back to my old ways. My weight gradually all came back and I was left feeling bad about myself. One day at work I realized that I became short of breath while climbing up a flight of stairs. This was my wake up call to come back to Dr. Kurani’s office and start the diet again, this time fully committing.

Dr. Kurani put me on the 1,000 calorie diet plan, as well as phentermine and Lipo B shots every 10 days. I was a little nervous at the start because I remember how rough it was for me last time but Dr. Kurani gave me some papers that explained the mental side of the diet. Once I started to change the way I thought about things I could feel the difference.

The first 10 days I lost 12 pounds! People at work started to notice my weight loss and gave me compliments. As the diet went on I kept losing weight and I started to get my self-esteem back. I was no longer afraid to look in the mirror! I started out at 257 pounds and am now down to 215 pounds. I lost 42 pounds and want to keep going until I reach my goal of 195 pounds. I am so happy that I came back to see Dr. Kurani. I feel great and have gotten my self-esteem back!