Jack Burn's Story

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I’m a type II diabetic…

I never had a weight problem as an adolescent or young adult. I spent a lifetime eating unhealthy foods and consuming enormous amounts of sugar but never gained much weight. In my early 40’s I began to put on weight. My family has a history of heart disease with an alarming mortality rate at early ages. Of the eight members of my father’s family two had died of heart failure before they turned 40 and the rest had bypass surgery before they turned 35. When a first cousin died from heart failure at 36 I consulted my family physician and began a regiment of drugs to reduce my cholesterol. A few years later I was diagnosed as a type II diabetic. When my family physician retired several years ago I began seeing Dr. Kurani. At that time my daily intake of preventative medicine was 5/500mg Glyburide/Metformin four times a day, 300mg Allopurinol , 80mg Simvastatin, 5mg Lisinopril, 145mg Tricor, and later 100mg Januvia.

In September of 2010 Dr. Kurani suggested I try a diet that was proving to be very successful. At that time I weighed 225 Lbs. on a 5’10” frame. Within one week of beginning the diet I had lost 10 lbs. but more importantly my blood sugar was under control and I was able to discontinue all of my diabetic medications. As the results of the blood work began to come in I was able to eliminate each of the preventative medications I was taking. I was on automatic refills with my pharmacy and they would leave a message that a prescription was ready for pick up. I would call the pharmacy and ask which prescription and how much it would cost. Then I would politely say “thank you, but no thank you”. You have no idea how good that felt.

I am a comfortable 40 lbs. lighter today than I was two years ago. I have learned a lot in the process and the most important thing I have learned is that it is not how much you eat that determines your health, it is what you eat. First you have to believe that you are in control of your health and your weight and the HGC diet will make you a believer.