Jean Paggen's Story


I have been overweight all my life- I think I was born that way!!

Growing up (and out!!), our meals at home consisted of potatoes, homemade bread, limited amounts of meat, and some vegetables. As I became an adult, I thought I was eating healthier, but my weight did not go down. After retiring, I was spending a lot of time during the day sleeping, my energy level was low, I had frequent colds and “sick days”, and by November 1, 2010, I was put on oxygen because my oxygen level was extremely low, I was taking seven different prescriptions- eleven capsules or tablets- per day, and my lab tests were very disturbing. I began the weight loss program with Dr. Kurani the end of November 2010. Since that time, I have done the “diet” portion two additional times, along with the necessary maintenance periods.

By September of 2011, not only had I lost about 100 pounds, my sleep patterns are good with no sleeping during the daytime, the oxygen tanks are no longer a part of my life, and my medication has dropped to two low-dosage tablets per day. My lab tests have shown a marked improvement in all areas. The weight loss is wonderful, but even better, my general overall health has improved considerably. This happened with the support and encouragement of Dr. Kurani and his staff, along with friends and family. The program itself (notice I did not say “diet”) has been a positive learning experience for me, with medicines as one of the “tools”. I look forward to continuing this program until I reach an even healthier weight, and to living longer using the knowledge I have obtained through this experience.