John Parker's Story


I have spent years dealing with my weight issues, along with my sisters and brothers.

Having dealt with several medical issues over the years and being told I need to add a cardiovascular doctor on my medical team gave me some concern. I knew that I had a leaky heart valve but it had been manageable. After the last Echocardiogram it was calling for a specialist. I was told that I could have surgery but the likelihood of surviving was slim with my weight so why not deal with the problem rather than the symptom. I was referred to The QC Weight Loss Clinic. The appointment was made for me and rather than a week or two it was only a two day wait.

I had no idea what to expect, envisioning “The Biggest Loser”I had great apprehension knowing that my legs were not going to cooperate with extended exercise. Meeting with the nursing staff I was beginning to feel assured that a positive attitude was more important than exercise.

I started the HCG hormone on December 24, 2011. I have completed three series and have lost approximately 84 lbs. The first two 40-day sessions went really well losing 40 lbs the first session and another 30 lbs the second. However the third session was more plateau than losing. I was really trying to break 300 lb but was holding at 305lb.

My brother who lives in the Phoenix area and who weighed nearly the same as me, started the program with a doctor in his area after I had finished my first session and has equaled my loss in only 2 sessions. We have been encouraging each other and he and his wife will be visiting in September 2012 and we both are excited that he will only need one seat on the plane. Praise the Lord for me and my brother.

I praise the Lord for the QC Weight Loss Clinic and my Cardiologist for leading me into a needed life change. This system is not difficult; it does require an attitude change. You can achieve what you believe. Dr. Kurani explained that I was letting my scales affect my attitude. I changed my attitude and overnight, and 3 trips to the bathroom, I was down 3 lbs. Attitude, attitude, attitude, don’t ever think that it isn’t important. The time is now; the place is QC Weight Loss Clinic.