Loretta Decap's Story



I heard and came to see Dr. Kurani with a referral from my heart doctor, Dr. B. Reddy. I was in the hospital with congestive heart failure when Dr. B. Reddy told me about Dr. Kurani and how he could help me lose weight. In October when I saw Dr. Kurani I was at a weight of 302 pounds!! With my weight up that high I was MISERABLE!! I had trouble walking, breathing, in fact I had trouble doing just about anything. Dr. Kurani and his staff are wonderful. They are very supportive and helped in any way they could. I have lost 68 pounds since then and feel absolutely wonderful!! Before I lost the weight you could say I was a hermit, I wasn’t very sociable and could really care less about anything. I now live a more active life. With my weight loss I have regained my life and my confidence and self assurance. Thank you Dr. Kurani and staff.