Lori Wessels's Story


I have been on several diets for most of my life.

I would lose weight,and gain it all back plus even more.On January 6th 2012 I began the HCG program at Quad City Medical Group, with Dr. Kurani and his staff. I had heard about HCG through my daughter in-law, and also from a husband and wife couple that had gone through the program together.

When I started HCG I weighed in at 218 lbs. With 2 rounds of the HCG, and the Lipo B, I am down 63 pounds, in 8 months. I feel wonderful, I am full of energy, and most important I feel great about myself, and my appearance.

Having to weigh in every 10 days helped me to have the will power to make sure that there was always some kind of a weight loss, and in fact still helps me to strive to continue to lose weight.

Dr. Kurani and his staff have given me encouragement through the past 6 months They have answered any questions that I may of had, and taught me how to eat healthy, be happy, and be successful with my weight loss. It is thrilling to know that I am finally so close to reaching my goal.