Marcella Davis's Story


When I first went to my first appointment at QCMG, I was tired all the time, crabby to my family and just felt miserable.

I was very skeptic of this program even though I heard my friends’s success stories. After meeting Dr. Kurani and his staff it was apparent to me they were devoted and committed to helping patients lose weight. Dr. Kurani spent time explaining the diet but more importantly the “mind” changes that need to happen. I left the office with hope that this could really be the diet plan that would help me.

After my first six weeks, I have lost 25 pounds. I was so excited. But the best part is the way I felt. I felt energetic, my knees, hips or back do not ache, and I have a positive attitude about life. I felt better than I have in years!! I am not hungry on this diet. I have a minimum of 75 more pounds to go and I know that I can do it!