Mark Cambell's Story


I was getting pretty desperate, my weight was out of control and it was starting to take a toll on my body.

I started looking online and found Dr. Kurani. I came in to his office and started the program. It was amazing!! The weight started coming off right away. I was shocked.

After a few weeks my belt was too big and my knees weren’t hurting as much. The staff and Dr. Kurani were great support as well. I have been given great advice from Dr. Kurani on how to maintain the weight loss and have been keeping it off. I even have my father coming to see Dr. Kurani for the weight loss. He is doing very well.

My starting weight was 256 pounds and today I am 187 pounds and feel great!!! My jean size went from a 42 to a 34. I feel better than I have in the last 20 years! Everyone around me comments on my weight loss and are amazed. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone. As long as you want to lose the weight and follow what Dr. Kurani tells you, the weight will come off. Look at me!