Mark Ramos's Story


I started the weight loss program in March 2012.

I heard about the program from a guy from work. He told me how it helped him lose weight. I decided I wanted to start the weight loss program to help me loose weight but mainly because I wanted to be off my diabetic and high blood pressure medication. I also wanted to feel good and healthy.

During the first two weeks of the HCG program it was hard for me, because I was not used to such a low amount of calories, and eating very small amounts of fat and carbohydrates. But during this process the HCG helped me suppress my appetite so I was not hungry throughout the day.

The one thing that helped me during this process was my will power, the help from the staff and the doctor. They encouraged me every time I would go in for a weigh in. They would answer my questions and made suggestions that helped me stay on track.

I have lost a total of 36 pounds and my blood pressure and blood sugars are under control. I am very happy with my success.