Randolph Horine's Story


Dr. Kurani is my primary doctor and during one of my visits we got into discussing my weight.

I have diabetes and heart problems. I started my weight loss journey February 17, 2011 at a weight of 250.2 pounds. I had no trouble with taking medications (the shots are easier). It was not difficult to follow the food guidelines, I was very surprised at how easy it was to obtain and prepare the food. I have done the weight loss program with Dr. Kurani and his staff three times.

Today my weight is under 220 pounds!! I continue to amaze myself with fitting back into clothes that I haven’t worn for over 3-4 years. The staff and Dr. Kurani are very helpful during weight checks and information that was always readily available. Before I lost weight I did not feel wonderful. I am able to do alot more…it is amazing what weight loss can do for your physical ability. If you don’t think a few extra pounds of weight gain or loss can make a difference, your wrong!! I would and have recommended this diet to any one who wants to feel and live better.