Ross Mayo's Story


I am a 52 year old male that has not struggles with weight loss all of my life.…

As a child and young adult I was actually skinny. Shortly after high school I joined the military and served six years so I was in pretty good physical shape. As I grew older I became less active and my eating habits remained the same as when I was active. I began putting on weight. I got to a point where I was not comfortable with my weight and it was affecting my health. I developed obstructive sleep apnea, my blood pressure began to climb, my blood sugars began to climb and I was considered “pre-diabetic”. I developed edema in my legs. I had difficulty breathing. I sweated profusely over the slight exertion. I tired easily and had no energy. My ankles, knees and lower back, hurt constantly and my legs ached. I missed out on doing things with friends and family because I was too tired or I knew that it would be too strenuous.

I began dieting, I tried the two letter weight loss program with little results, I counted my points to no avail, I cut out carbs, I drank drinks to make you slim fast, I took pills that were supposed to make you trim or be like liposuction. No matter what I did or what I tried it just didn’t work for me and had very little impact on my weight and if there was a change in my weight it was short lived. I became disappointed and depressed and give up and the weight would climb even higher.

I then learned of the QC Medical Group and Weight Loss Clinic through a co-worker who knew someone that had done the program and lost a lot of weight and kept it off. I was skeptical, I had heard this all before. My co-worker pointed this person out and I was able to see for myself and observe over a period of time that they indeed had lost weight and they were keeping it off. I decided that I would give it a try since the only thing I had to lose was weight and that I wanted after all.

On my first visit when I first saw Dr. Ilesh Kurani I thought to myself, “oh great, another skinny doctor who don’t know the first thing about the struggle of weight loss” I have gone to skinny doctors about my weight issues and their solution was that I just needed to exercise more. I tried explaining that I didn’t have the energy, and that my ankles, knees and back hurt and I was short of breath and all of this prevented me from doing the exercise, but it all ways fell on deaf ears.

Dr. Kurani is different when I first met him he was very excited about how he could help me lose weight; He was very enthusiastic and passionate about the program that he offered. This is not something that I had experienced with other doctors. He told me that I had to change my mind set that if I thought negative thoughts I would get negative results. If I thought positive thoughts I would get positive results. One of the examples was that if someone was to offer me ice cream that I should not say that “I can’t have that because I am on a diet”. Instead I should say that “I can have ice cream if I want to, however I choose to have foods that will help me achieve my goal”. He told me that he wanted me to weigh myself everyday so that I could see the results and see what was working and what was not working. Wow! In other programs they told me not to weigh myself everyday so that I wouldn’t get disappointed. ( There is that negativity). I was impressed by Dr. Kurani’s genuine belief in his program and that he could help me lose weight. I decided to give it a try.

On March 19, 2013 I began the weight loss program with a starting weight of 377pounds. I followed Dr. Kurani’s program to the letter. I figured if I failed to lose weight it wasn’t going to be because I didn’t try. I couldn’t believe it. The weight just started dropping off! I could feel a difference, I could see a difference, my friends, family and coworkers all noticed. I felt so much better. This was great!! after six weeks I had lost approximately 45 pounds. Then Dr. Kurani told me for the next six weeks I was going to go off the program and just do maintenance and gradually increase the calories. I thought here goes all that weight I lost right back on. Boy was I wrong, for the next six weeks I maintained the weight I was at. The weight did not come back on as it had with other weight loss programs. After six weeks I started back up again on the diet and lost another 40 pounds and MUCH more! I no longer have high blood pressure! I no longer have Edema in my legs! I am no longer tired easily! I have more energy! My ankles, Knees, and Lower Back no longer hurt! My legs no longer ache! I went from not being able to sleep without my sleep apnea machine to not being able to sleep with it! Thank you Dr. Ilesh Kurani for sharing you weight loss program and your philosophy with me.
I started as a skeptic and I now believe! I changed my mind set and so can you!