Sandy Padilla's Story


This all began when a family member made an awful comment about being “fat”…

 It wasn’t directed at me, but it sure could have been. It only took 3 days to start my new life.

I knew of two persons who went to Dr. Kurani to lose weight and I knew it was time for me to do something. I asked my family doctor and he said the only diet he would recommend would be the diet with Dr. Kurani, (two referrals now). I went right over to Dr. Kurani’s office and to my surprise, he had an opening right then, (very unusual). I started this diet at a weight of 220. Pounds started peeling off. The saying, “No pain, No gain”, does not apply to this diet.

Dr. Kurani is amazing and encouraging to help you meet your challenges. He teaches us to adjust our mind, in regards to “stress”. To think its not my problem, but it can help, as less stress helps to loose weight. Then we have a choice in foods, I choose to make better choices in food and I choose to eat smaller portions. In 30 days I lost 30 pounds and continued to lose weight on maintanence phase of the diet. I did 2 rounds and lost a total of 60 lbs! I was starting to feel very thin! I went from size 20 down to size 6-8. Amazing!! I feel great!

Contact Dr. Kurani to begin your new life style journey. You too will begin a new life style and have all the staff who are all encouraging and who all care about you and your success!! You and I can be one of the biggest loosers…. Step on aboard, join this crew, they will take you further then what you imagine.