Stephanie Larson's Story


I lived most of my life as a “normal” (even verging on thin) woman.

Then at age 32 I had my beautiful daughter (February 2004) and gained 80 pounds during the pregnancy. In May 2005 (14 1/2 months later..) I was blessed with a son. In the interim I had a medical condition that caused me to have to be on steroids for 6 weeks, which caused additional weight gain. By 2006, I weighed 269 pounds and was chasing 2 toddlers. I felt terrible and was depressed.

When the kids were a few years old, I resolved to lose some weight. Through watching my diet (the way I looked at it- depriving myself of foods) and sometimes simply starvation I lost approximately 40 pounds over a period of two years. It was coming off, but I was frustrated and it was so slow. I maintained my weight loss put was having a hard time getting motivated to do the next “push” towards weight loss. I ran into a friend at a baseball game early this summer and she looked AMAZING! I told her so, and she shared her secret- HCG and Dr. Kurani. I did some research and called the next week.

I went to see Dr. Kurani on June 13, 2012 and my journey had begun. I lost 20 pounds in a short span of time- 40 days- but more importantly, I have gained a new perspective on life in general. At Dr. Kurani’s suggestion, I read the book “The Secret” and then felt compelled to buy copies and give it to my friends. The weight loss has made me feel like a new person, but it is equally as gratifying to me that I have discovered that eating healthy is a choice. And that when you give your body good fuel.. it works better! Who would have thought it?! It has freed me from a life of worrying about weight loss and opened the door for me to be a healthier and happier person. I now know that when you think positively, and throw positive energy out- that positive things happen. I am very thankful to Dr. Kurani and his staff for their support and encouragement on this journey. I look forward to what comes next.. I can tell you that it will be great things…better health.. better life.. and a whole new me.