Vikki Holm's Story



I first heard about the QC medical group from a co-worker. She has been here ( QC Medical Group and weight loss clinic ) in the past and it worked very well for her. I noticed she had been looking better and better than before so I asked her what she was doing. She told me she had been coming here for some time and I asked her what kind of diet plan she was on. She had been doing the Lipo-B, HCG injections and she had been taking Phentermine.

I had started coming here and my beginning weight was 248 lbs. I have now lost 66 pounds and I couldn’t feel any happier. I feel much healthier and I have more energy than in the past. I get up earlier and I can stay up later. I do more yard work, housework, and I do things that I haven’t been able to do in the past. I exercise on a regular basis, 3-4 times a week.

If I had any questions about my diet, they have always been very informative with me to keep me informed of what was going on. I read about the support group online. I have used the CD’s and the little motivational cards very often. I looked at them while they were in my car. I used the cards as a little motivational boost if I was ever feeling down about myself. I would look at a new card every day and it kept me going on with the d iet plan. I told myself I could do it.

Personally, part of what has helped me the most to stay on track is having to check in with the doctor regularly. It helped me to stay focused and not get relaxed and break my diet.

When I did the initial detox, I was pretty focused. It was hard, but I was extremely motivated. It was only for a short time, so it went by pretty fast. As with the beginning of most goals, I was very motivated to get my weight down and have control over my body. I had a little bit of swelling in my calves and ankles. I knew it was weight related so I knew right away that I needed to get my weight down so I didn’t present any major health risks to myself. I started with the 800 calorie diet. They gave me a paper with the foods to avoid and which food I could eat. They told me to stay away from breads and alcohol. They gave me a book with different recipes I could make which really helped me out. It helped me to make meals I could enjoy with the healthy foods I had been recommended by the Dr.

I started January 11,2014 and I cannot believe how much I have accomplished in a short year. I get compliments from friends and family members explaining how great I look. It really helps to keep the motivation to push myself to keep going and lose some more weight.

Dr. Kurani showed me some different things on my smartphone and he introduced me to an APP that keeps track of my calorie intake and it really helps me to stay on track with my goals. The whole team has really helped me out a lot, they really are a great team.