Does your office bill insurance?

Yes. We will bill your primary and secondary insurance.

What if I do not know what my deductible is?

Patients are urged to know what their insurance deductible and/or copay is. We ask that all patients contact their insurance companies prior to their scheduled appointments. You may be asked for payment in full at the time of service. Not all insurance policies are the same; it is your responsibility to know what your insurance will and will not cover.

If my child is 18 or older, will I be able to discuss their Billing Information?

Yes and No. Parents can pay a bill at any time, but we cannot discuss billing codes and information about the office visit.

It is your responsibility to notify our office of any changes to your coverage. Please bring your current insurance card(s) and photo ID with you to all your appointments.

What should I do if I have changes to my insurance?

No. Our office will not bill any Workers Comp Claims. You may still be seen as a patient for your care; however, you are responsible for the incurred charges at the time of your appointment or we can bill your Health Insurance Company. Our office will provide you with all necessary documentation to file your claim to seek reimbursement.

Will you bill my Employers’ Workers Compensation Claim?

Yes, Our office will bill any MVA claims.

Will you bill my Motor Vehicle Accident Claim (MVA)?

Our billing department is available to help you with any questions you may have. If you would like to speak with our billing specialist, please call [1 (309) 517 1180 during normal business hours.

Who can I contact with questions regarding my bill?

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