Below are various videos that are used within the weight loss programs. 

How do you help patient change their thought process to be successful?

How does the use of ‘Visualization Technique’ help in the weight loss?

How do you teach patients to make good food choices?

How does living in the present moment help with the weight loss?

How does creating peace in life, help to lose weight?

How does learning to forgive help in losing weight?

How do you help patients to keep the weight off once they’ve reached their goal?

What is the National Weight Control Registry?

Pediatric Weight Loss

Detox Products

Anti-Aging Products

Health Supplements

Mental Health

OTC Health Supplements

What kind of Advanced Testing do you offer?

What is Body Composition?

What is C.O.R.U.S testing?

How do you help patients with different diets?

Positive Thinking

How to change Habits

Can I loose weight with just exercise alone?

Diet for weight loss

Complications of obesity

Why don’t people try to lose Weight?

How to Maintain the lost weight

Power of subconscious minds (1/2)

Power of subconscious mind (2/2)

Power of zero