Sandy Muse's Story


I started on my journey in May 2012.

I had been watching my pastor’s wife change before my eyes. Her weight loss was amazing.

I asked her what she had done to lose so much weight. She shared with me about Dr. Kurani and his wonderful program and staff.

My life before had changed from an active one to a sedentary lifestyle. I just accepted that as a part of growing older, just after I finished my first course of HCG I turned 67 years young on June 24.

After the first battery of tests Dr. Kurani told me “you are a diabetic”. To me those words are death sentence, because my older brother and sister died (six months apart) of complications of diabetes. After eating low carbohydrate and highly protein meals, I was retested dropping from 252 glucose to102 glucose and an A1 C. that went from 10.2 to 7.7 all within 40 days. And a side benefit of dropping 33.5 pounds.

When I was told of my weight loss, I had to control myself from doing a “happy dance” in the office! I am looking forward to continuing my weight loss and no longer being diabetic.

Side benefit of all this is by no longer eating vegetables from a can I cook fresh vegetables and shop the outside areas of grocery stores. And I have said goodbye to fast food restaurants and soda.

I wish to thank Dr. Kurani and his wonderful friendly, helpful staff.